Special guests slated to perform include Mark Wills, Sunny Sweeney, Dallas Wayne, Diane Berry & Joe Wade Smith, Moore & Moore and special guests 
Jeannie Seely and Ernest Tubb
Photo: Artist Submitted

First Midnite Jamboree Show from the Troubadour Since May of 2021 

 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (September 13, 2022) GRAMMY®-winning artist, Jeannie Seely, has been announced as the host for the return of the world-famous Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree on Saturday, September 17 at the Troubadour in Nashville, TN. The event will also be an after-party celebration for fans, friends and industry members to honor Jeannie for her milestone as a 55-year member of the Grand Ole Opry. This event has become a tradition for Seely who has hosted the Midnite Jamboree after milestone Opry celebrations including her 40th, 45th and 50th anniversaries. 

Listeners can tune in and hear the Midnite Jamboree on WSM AM 650 and online at midnight with Jeff Hoag brought to you by Springer Mountain Farms.

Special guests slated to perform include Mark Wills, Sunny Sweeney, Dallas Wayne, Diane Berry & Joe Wade Smith, Moore & Moore, along with Jeannie Seely and the promise of some special guests.

Jeannie Seely has performed on the Midnite Jamboree for several decades, from the time it was broadcast downtown from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop on Broadway and her association with Ernest Tubb holds a special place in her heart. Tubb recorded “Sometimes I Do” written by Seely, she was part of the weekly The Ernest Tubb Show syndicated on television and she fondly remembers and to this day follows the valuable advice he offered her.

“So very glad the Midnite Jamboree is coming back!! I’m so thrilled to not only serve as host for this historic return, but also to be celebrating my Opry Anniversary here again.  My mind goes back to the first time Ernest Tubb introduced me on the Jamboree and back announced that ‘the future of country music is in the hands of this young lady,” reflects Jeannie Seely. “Hopefully he is smiling down and proud that we are carrying on his tradition. For my part, I’m hoping it shows my appreciation for the helping hand he so generously extended to me.” 

“It is hard to put into words just how excited I truly am to have The Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree back at the Troubadour starting this Saturday Night!” Exclaimed Troubador owner – Rodney Collins. “With the great Jeannie Seely hosting and celebrating her 55th year as a Grand Ole Opry member, history is being made this Saturday! We hope you will come and be a part of our special night.”

“We are very excited to bring the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree back to the Country music community. With the historical significance and the pedigree of the show, we could not be happier to have Jeannie Seely help us get this in motion,” stated Ernest Dale Tubb III Gives me the feeling that ET is applauding from above!”

Stay in touch with Jeannie Seely on her website and all of her social media platforms Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube.

About Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree:
The Midnite Jamboree was a radio program aired from May 3, 1947 through May 7, 2022 on WSM in Nashville, Tennessee. It was launched by country musician Ernest Tubb. The program was recorded from Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee each Saturday. Through a brokered programming arrangement with Ernest Tubb Record Shop, the Jamboree aired following the Grand Ole Opry; as the program’s name implied, it aired at midnight Central Time. In its later years, the Midnite Jamboree was billed as “the second longest running radio show in history.” On March 11, 2022, the owners of Ernest Tubb Record Shop announced that it would be going out of business in the spring, ending the program. A special broadcast was recorded on the program’s 75th anniversary on May 3, 2021 and broadcast on WSM the following Saturday; that would be the final new episode, as the store closed that week.

About Jeannie Seely:
Jeannie Seely’s deep, moving vocals earned her the nickname of “Miss Country Soul,” a title that’s still used today. An esteemed singer, songwriter, producer, actress, author and on-air personality, Seely added another title, “Doctor,” to her resume when she was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Arts from Lincoln Memorial University in 2019. The third female country artist to win a GRAMMY® is also among a select group of country artists who have scored No. 1 hits as a solo artist, duet partner and songwriter. On September 16, 1967, Seely fulfilled her lifelong dream of joining the Grand Ole Opry®, becoming the first Pennsylvania native to do so. 55 years later, Seely makes clear that it’s still a thrill and an honor each time she performs on the world-famous stage. From her 1966 Top 10 Billboard album, The Seely Style, which featured “Don’t Touch Me,” to her self-produced album, Written in Song, consisting entirely of songs she’s written and recorded for more than 10 Country Music Hall of Fame® members, Seely’s recordings have spanned seven decades. Seely first appeared on the Billboard charts in 1966, continued to score entries for 13 consecutive years on various Billboard charts, and as recently as 2022, has had a presence on the MusicRow charts. Seely also garnered a No. 1 on the Record World Country Singles chart in 1971 as well as a No. 1 on the Bluegrass Today chart in 2019. In his 2003 book, Finding Her Voice: The Saga of Women in Country Music, music critic Robert K. Oermann wrote, “With her chin-out, tough/tender, heart-of-gold manner, Jeannie Seely remains one of Country’s most completely modern female personalities,” and that statement still holds true. With a strong social media following and over four million views on her YouTube channel, Seely continues to expand her international presence as music sales and messages from fans worldwide pour in. She appeared in Willie Nelson’s movie Honeysuckle Rose and sang on the film’s RIAA® platinum-certified soundtrack, and for the past four years, Seely has hosted her own show, Sundays with Seely on SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse. She also served as a disc jockey on her own Armed Forces Network Show, which launched after her tour abroad for the troops. Seely continues to receive letters of appreciation from American soldiers for her support. She is also a fierce advocate for musicians’ rights and takes much pride in her involvement and support for the cause. Nelson, along with Rhonda Vincent, Bill Anderson, Lorrie Morgan, Ray Stevens and many more of her friends, joined Seely for her current project on Curb Records, An American Classic, which has seen rave reviews and three radio releases. Most recently, Seely won the Song of the Year Award at the Arkansas Country Music Awards. Keep up with all things Jeannie Seely at
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