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With productions of plays halted, this is a great time to stay connected via podcast. Backstory Sessions tells the “stories behind the stories” of writing and creative projects of myself and Matt Rifenburg. New episodes release each Sunday at 9:00 pm and can be heard here and on ITunes, podbean and Spotify.

Arthur Canada, Corri Taylor and Johnathan Stephens Episode 10 premieres this Sunday at 9:00
Jeff Rasley, Go Your Own Way, Travel Adventures
Class of 2020 seniors discuss missing so much of their senior year Bethany Smith, Valedictorian Aaliyah Flanley and Masyn Mitchell
Matt Rifenburg, travels to Ukraine


Backstory Sessions, Episode 4 “All Things Tat”

Tamara Henson, Tattoo Artist and Penny Forman, lover of tattoos
Backstory Session, episode 4 Click HERE

Matt and Cat talk to special guests: tattoo artist Tamara Henson, and Penny Forman, who has gotten many tattoos over the past 20 years. They discuss why people get them, some of the different aspects involved in choosing and getting them, as well as what its like to permanently (usually) ink someone for a living. Statistics and unique perspectives from both sides of the needle. Some Profanity.