Featured Full Length Play: Boxes

Looking for a full length play for your Community Theatre? Check out, Boxes.


SYNOPSIS: Parents don’t come with rule books and it’s easy for the lines of responsibility to become blurred as adult parents lose their health and independence. The play focuses on the lives of Bob and Betty and their adult children Cathy and Michael. Each forced to deal in his own way with a painful move from the only house Bob and Betty have lived in throughout their fifty years of marriage. As the move progresses all must face the harsh reality that some boxes can’t be unpacked.

Great, in all ways too real. Audiences will adore the Dad and Michael characters. They read so true you can almost touch them through their language. The story is pulled together wonderfully. The “unpacking of the boxes” is beautiful and the symbolism of it comes softly without suggestion. This is a picture of the American family after the credits roll. The kind that leaves a heavy lump in the back of your throat. ”- Rebecca Cox