There was a week with six days

a leapweek

You know the kind

when your heart leaps out of your chest

just because

he says hi or doesn’t

The next week had seven days


a perfect routine

the good morning music

some midday surprise

and the pillow talk


the best week ever!


No one ever said

it existed,

but a five day week came-

the black hole week

where you fall

not in love

but in to darkness

absent your lifeline

your heart skips many beats

bradycardic, spiraling

until it stops

And suddenly,

the week with no days…

you and your lifeline, free at last

you, free of pain

your lifeline, free to love

the time warp


Not Always a Play, Sometimes a Poem

Most of this website is to keep you updated on my ventures with writing plays but recently I have shared a tee shirt creation and today I will share a poem. I hope someone out there relates in some way.

I never wanted you to go,

yet go you did

like a wave crashing

the waters slid,

immediately you hid

and you had no choice but follow

or did you?

Was it YOUR plan

or MY fate?

I never wanted you to go

but you could never stay

Thank you to Rush Order Tees

I found out spur of the moment that I was going to get to attend an Ed Sheeran concert and I had an idea for a tee that would reflect the impact of Supermarket Flowers since my dad’s tragic passing. Because it was last minute, I never thought it would be possible but thanks to Rush Order Tees

I had my tee and it was “perfect” just like Ed Sheeran and the whole concert experience.. Making a tee is a different type of writing, but a sincere form nonetheless.  I wanted to take a moment and share this special remembrance of my dad with you. Supermarket Flowers: “Memories of a Life that’s Been Loved” and a clip from the concert.