New Play To Have Reading in March 2019

Unstoppable By Design will have its first reading in March 2019. It is the latest work by Catherine Rhoden-Goguen and chronicles the life of Matt Rifenburg who Goguen describes as having, “the most fascinating story. I knew from the moment I first learned of him that this was my next project.”

So as not to reveal too much of the plot, Goguen would only say that, “It is a feel good, motivational piece and while most of us are asking, What’s next?  in our own lives, you will leave convinced that he is unstoppable.”

My hope is that those who see the play leave with a sense of determination to execute or take action. So many times in this play you will see that Matt Rifenburg could have more easily given up but the title tells you his choice and the play will tell you the rest. I am so proud of this play and you will leave having cried, felt anger, laughed and more importantly self examined. I am very honored to have been given the chance to tell this story. It has forever changed me and I know it will have that impact on all who see it.

Kentucky Playwrights Lecture

Kentucky Playwrights Lecture to be given at Union College45428169_10156706852755629_3751738333458333696_n

Longtime Barbourville resident, playwright and drama teacher Catherine Rhoden-Goguen has been selected by Kentucky Playwrights Workshop, Inc. (KPW) to give the next Kentucky Playwrights Lecture. The lecture will be held May 10, 2019 locally in the chapel at Union College beginning at 7:30 pm.

William McCann, president of KPW said, “we chose to honor Ms. Rhoden-Goguen’s many long years of service to her community and school through playwriting. We believe it is important to recognize playwrights across a variety of fields especially individuals such as Ms. Rhoden-Goguen who focused their attention and talents on writing for high school students”

Ms. Rhoden-Goguen has had three plays published. One by Pioneer Drama of Englewood, Colorado called “May I Have Your Attention, Please?.” Two more have been by Brooklyn Publishers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Looking for Mr. Right and, just this year, The Most Human.

Acquisitions Editor Lori Conary said, “When I first read Ms. Rhoden-Goguen’s play “May I Have Your Attention Please,” I knew we had to publish her play. It’s topic—teen suicide—is very hard to write about without seeming to make suicide attractive. Her play doesn’t do that. Instead, it creates an opportunity for educators, parents, students and children to talk about what leads some teenagers to consider suicide and what individuals can do to help stop this epidemic.”

“The play was basically written out of necessity, said Ms. Rhoden-Goguen. “I spent 25 years in a career that I loved. I taught English, Visual and Performing Arts, Journalism and Drama. Knox County—where I taught for most of my career—did not have a drama program or a budget when I first was approached about teaching a Drama class. So I wrote “May I Have Your Attention Please” without being aware of the impact it would have .”

“I custom wrote it based on the students I had at the time. For instance, the character of Charlie was written so that a Special Needs student in the class could have a part in the play. Inclusion was always very important to me because I had not always felt that inclusion in high school due to a physical disability I had myself. But the inspiration for the content of the play were based

on the need to address struggles another student had shared with me. I remember feeling helpless as a teacher in solving the problems of this student, but I knew that my writing would have a chance to empower others. It was my chance to no longer be helpless in a broader sense. That changed me.”

“It also influenced what I would choose to write about from that day forward,” continued Ms. Rhoden-Goguen. “Since that play, my writings have addressed social awareness issues. The greatest compliment to my writing is when someone says, ‘Your play changed my life.’

I could probably write a play each day and do the cookie cutter approach to writing, but when I write, I want it to be a play that starts the dialogue to effect change,” Ms. Rhoden-Goguen concluded.

Besides her published plays Ms. Rhoden-Goguen has garnered recognition and success in both Kentucky and elsewhere. May I Have Your Attention Please?, published by Pioneer Drama in 2003 has been performed all over the US and Canada as well in Great Britain and Scotland. The play won the prestigious Critic’s Choice Award at the Wisconsin State Theatre Festival.

Within Kentucky her full-length play, Boxes , co-written with J. Michael Radford was runner-up in the Kentucky Theatre Association’s Roots of the Bluegrass New Play Contest in 2015. Her play The Dinner Club was a semi-finalist in that same contest in 2010. More recently, in 2016, she won KTA’s 10-Minute new play contest with her play RE DO IT.

Ms. Rhoden-Goguen was also awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award by the EasternKentucky Dramatic Arts Society (EKDAS) in 2016. Phil Neace, president of EKDAS and director of theatre at Perry County Central High School said, “Cathy dedicated her career in public education to the children of Knox County and worked hard to help encourage playwriting and theatre throughout Eastern Kentucky so EKDAS gave one of its first and few recognitions to her in recognition of all she has done . And she certainly deserved it.”

The Kentucky Playwrights Lecture is an occasional lecture series sponsored by Kentucky Playwrights Workshop, a non-profit that encourages the development and recognition of the state’s many talented playwrights through lectures, seminars and conferences, the Kentucky New Play Series—new short plays produced at the Kentucky State Fair between 2012 and 2016, and the commissioning of new plays.

The 2019 Kentucky Playwrights Lecture will be given on Friday May 10, 2019 in the chapel at Union College. As part of the evening’s events readings from several of Ms. Rhoden-Goguen’s

Plays will be read by students from area high schools. Tickets will be $10 in advance and $15 at the door.



There was a week with six days

a leapweek

You know the kind

when your heart leaps out of your chest

just because

he says hi or doesn’t

The next week had seven days


a perfect routine

the good morning music

some midday surprise

and the pillow talk


the best week ever!


No one ever said

it existed,

but a five day week came-

the black hole week

where you fall

not in love

but in to darkness

absent your lifeline

your heart skips many beats

bradycardic, spiraling

until it stops

And suddenly,

the week with no days…

you and your lifeline, free at last

you, free of pain

your lifeline, free to love

the time warp


Not Always a Play, Sometimes a Poem

Most of this website is to keep you updated on my ventures with writing plays but recently I have shared a tee shirt creation and today I will share a poem. I hope someone out there relates in some way.

I never wanted you to go,

yet go you did

like a wave crashing

the waters slid,

immediately you hid

and you had no choice but follow

or did you?

Was it YOUR plan

or MY fate?

I never wanted you to go

but you could never stay

Thank you to Rush Order Tees

I found out spur of the moment that I was going to get to attend an Ed Sheeran concert and I had an idea for a tee that would reflect the impact of Supermarket Flowers since my dad’s tragic passing. Because it was last minute, I never thought it would be possible but thanks to Rush Order Tees

I had my tee and it was “perfect” just like Ed Sheeran and the whole concert experience.. Making a tee is a different type of writing, but a sincere form nonetheless.  I wanted to take a moment and share this special remembrance of my dad with you. Supermarket Flowers: “Memories of a Life that’s Been Loved” and a clip from the concert.



The Most Human


  • Timberview Middle School
Colorado Springs, CO
  • Seneca High School
Seneca, IL
  • Pampa High School
Pampa, TX
  • HP Players
Worden, MT
  • KPW
Barbourville, KY


May I Have Your Attention, Please?

MANCHESTER, KY (2 performances) Dates in November TBA

SAINT LOUIS, MO   (3 performances starting December 13, 2018)


Kentucky Playwright’s Workshop

I have been asked to present the next Kentucky Playwrights Lecture in 2019. What an honor! To be held at Union College, Barbourville, KY (Date and ticket information tba)



Gorilla Girl: Actors Bring Reading To Life

Scene 1, Gorilla Girl – Meeting of Keith and Catherine


Gorilla Girl, had its first reading at ArtsPlace, Lexington, KY,  on September 7, 2018 or 07/09/18 as Keith in the play would argue. The actors who served as readers brought the characters to life and if the comments are any indication, Gorilla Girl will have a long life on a stage near you in the future. Stay tuned for video clips.  Thanks to: Emma Grace Imes, Isaac Barnes, Elena Newburg and Jeanine Lister for bringing to life the complex relationships of Catherine, Keith and Nikki.

IMG_E3864A strong, challenging play that deserves a production. 

I already told one of my friends about the story and invited her when the play comes to stage.

The dialogue was spot on.

Beautiful chaos

I think people will relate…because being in a situation like either of them are in can make you do and say things you never thought you would

It was a well told story that sucked me in and I really wanted to know what happened next. It feels very real and if you’ve ever dated someone in today’s modern age, very familiar and relatable.

Interesting how you’ve put “married relationships,” as well as other ideas Western society upholds, under the light.





New Play Reading: Gorilla Girl

A reading of the play, Gorilla Girl. This is the latest play by Catherine Rhoden-Goguen. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated as well as your attendance. The play is for adult audiences and contains language and situations not suited for a younger audience.

The play follows the relationship of a couple who meet in a chat room. It challenges the way relationships are viewed in Western Culture and will leave you debating, who is the real villain. If you like plays that give you something to talk and think about, Gorilla Girl is definitely for you.

3 Readers needed. 2 female and 1 male. If interested in being a reader, please let me know. An Australian accent for the male would be wonderful!

You may bring food/drink so don’t let meal plans keep you from attending.

September 7, 2018 6:30-8:30

161 North Mill Street
Lexington, KY 40507

The Most Human debuts with Brooklyn Publishers

If you’re looking for a 10 minute duet, check out my newest play, The Most Human at Brooklyn Publishers.


ISBN: 978-1-60003-979-9
Type: Duet
Genre: Drama
Themes: Children, Death, Relationships
Duration: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1 male (2 total cast)
SYNOPSIS: A year after the loss of ten year old Patton, Shawn and his wife Paula spend their anniversary dealing with their heartbreak and grief. Why were they dealt such a tragedy? Which one of them is really to blame? For Shawn and Paula, they alone endure the magnitude of the loss that no one else can seem to understand. An unexpected arrival pushes Paula to the breaking point. In a highly climatic ending, will their love for, “The Most Human” be enough?


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