13 Reasons Why… to Choose This Play

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  1. The play allows your troupe to tackle the important issue of teen suicide.  (A Nebraska School who performed the play at a One Act Competition, had an audience member say the play saved her life!) #Theatre4Change
  2. The play allows for community resources to be utilized and a dialogue to begin. Many schools have guest Counselors lead a discussion with parents, students and community members after the performance.
  3. The play does not glorify suicide and leaves the ending open so there is no graphic content or depiction of suicide.
  4. The play offers an outstanding role for a leading male actor. Many actors who have played the role of Chris Borthwick have won best actor at state and Provincial competitions.
  5. The play takes place in one location so the set is a simple living room design. The costumes are also simple making this an affordable play for your budget.
  6. The play runs 30 minutes so it is perfect for one act play competitions.
  7. The play offers diverse parts with 3 female and 3 male, 1 m or f role and up to 7 extras.
  8.  The play is perfect for Student Directed one act nights. It has become a favorite of casts and student directors. Student Directors love the message yet it presents a challenge they also embrace in directing.
  9. The play has an original theme song which may be performed with the play or used separately for opening track if you have musically inclined students.
  10. The playwright is very active in spotlighting your performances of the play and helping you to spread the message. The website offers many interviews, photos and video clips to help you with ideas for your performance. In addition, the playwright would consider it an honor to video chat with your troupe and answer questions about the play or writing process.
  11. The play is perfect for Community Theatres and Summer Theatre programs as well. Character ages range from tween to adult. Middle Schools, High Schools and Community Theatre groups have performed this long running play.
  12. The play offers a list of Directors who are willing to share their experiences with performing the play so this is a great piece for a new Director.
  13. The play closes with the statistics of suicide and the warning signs so it is educational as well as engaging. #13ReasonsWhy #Theatre4Change

2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why… to Choose This Play”

    1. Thank you for your interest! The script has been performed for and by 8th graders. I am providing the link for you to read a sample of the script. If you feel it is appropriate after that, I will make sure you are able to read it in its entirety. There are also video clips of segments of performances on the website which may be helpful for you too.

      This is the first 6 pages of the script and some stats of the ending.

      Preview Script

      Thank you for you interest and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


      Catherine Rhoden-Goguen

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