Collin Walters of Midland Valley High received the Best Actor Award

Garcia Theatre Project

As part of the 15th annual Garcia Theatre Project, students from North Augusta, Midland Valley, Ridge Spring-Monetta and South Aiken high schools participated in workshops, including an improvisational class taught by USCA theater students, in the morning. In the afternoon, actors and technicians from each school presented a one-act play.
After their performances, students received awards.

Plays performed were:

“Baggage” by Christian Kiley at 12:30 p.m.: Ridge Spring-Monetta Middle/High School; Kerry Jackson, faculty representative

“Rats!” by Agatha Christie at 1:25 p.m.: South Aiken High School; Ramona Parsons, faculty representative

“May I Have Your Attention Please?” by Catherine Rhoden-Goguen at 2:20 p.m.: Midland Valley High School; Stephanie Trotter, faculty representative

“Bernice Bobs Her Hair” by D.D. Brooke at 3:15 p.m.: North Augusta High School; Carol Creamer, faculty representative

Karol Stewart of South Aiken High was named Best Student Director, and Kiara Gamble of Midland Valley High received an Honorable Mention as Student Director.

All-Star Cast members were as follows: Latashia Lockett, Ridge Spring-Monetta High; Caroline Pethick, South Aiken High; Reggie Vinson, Midland Valley High; Jaxen Coleman, Midland Valley High; Courtney Van-Eck, Ridge Spring-Monetta High; Maurice Milton, North Augusta High; Zach Phillips, South Aiken High; and Joel Napier, North Augusta High.

The project started 15 years ago as a partnership between the theater program at USCA and the Public Education Partners, which supports public schools, to promote theater in the Aiken County Public Schools. A few years later, Carlos and Karen Garcia agreed to sponsor the event.

“We wanted an opportunity for theater to be performed in the high schools, so we started this one-act play festival,” Benjamin said.

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