FREE escript for Looking For Mr. Right

If you enjoyed May I Have Your Attention, Please? and you’re looking for a dark comedy, look no further. Not only might it be the perfect script, it is FREE for the first 50 escript requests. What better way to start off the year? Looking For Mr. Right, 2f 7m, doubling possible, published by Brooklyn Publishers.

SYNOPSIS: Charlotte Walden wants Mr. Right, and she wants him right now! After dumping her boyfriend because he can’t run fast enough to avoid standing her up on their wedding day, Charlotte devises a new strategy for finding a husband fast. Several suitors show up at the Walden Estate after she places a husband wanted ad in the local paper, but will any of them be able to pass all the tests that await them? The audience will be rolling in the aisles as the contestants compete in such zany events as breaking glass with their voice and disguising themselves to look just like Charlotte. This play is full of twists and turns, but in the end, only the ‘Wright’ man can win.

The promotional code below is good for a free eScript perusal download of Looking For Mr. Right. One per customer order. To claim your free download:

  1. go to
  2. Search for Looking For Mr. Right by Catherine Rhoden-Goguen and add the escript version
  3. Use the following promo code for escript

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