Meet the First Chris Borthwick

May I Have Your Attention, Please? was first written as a short story but when I was asked to start a drama program from scratch, which had no money for scripts, royalties etc, I adapted the short story I had written in college into the play version that everyone sees now. I am honored to spotlight for you the actor who was the first Chris Borthwick, 20 years ago in 1997. Meet Josh Collins.

17577941_10158654542620647_1693334078_n Joshua Michael Collins,  34 year old who just got back into acting. Currently represented by V&C Talent agency, Bowling Green, KY.

Q. How does it feel to be the first actor to breathe life into Chris Borthwick?

“It is a true honor to be the first to portray Chris. It’s a character that we all on some level can connect with. At some point in our lives, we or someone we know has felt total isolation. Given the chance to share and hopefully, enlighten someone to realize the risk of suicide that many face is so important. I just hope that someone who has seen or will see Chris’ story can change their outlook.”

Q. What age were you when you played Chris? How did you find the emotions for Chris that range from wacky, class clown to dark and disturbed?

“I was 14 and always a bit of a class clown naturally. For the painful emotions, I always recalled the moments that had hurt me the most and transferred those emotions to the performance.”
54456_468106665628_2264358_oThe first cast of May I Have Your Attention, Please? 1997
Q. What advice would you give to actors who will play this role?
“My advice is the same as the technical approach that I used. Find that place where you know you have been, or find someone who may be alone or depressed. Reach out to them. Hopefully, you will help them as well as yourself.”
Q. Did you have any idea at that time that the play would go on to reach people worldwide?
“The fact that the play is performed worldwide doesn’t surprise me, because it has such a powerful message.  It changed me. It taught me to pay more attention because loved ones may not be as happy as they appear. And yes! I can still say my ABC’s backwards.”

2 thoughts on “Meet the First Chris Borthwick”

  1. I am very proud to say Joshua is my brother. He has a passion for the art and is ready to entertain. He loves acting, directing, producing. This is one very proud sister!

  2. I had the privilege of growing up with Josh and being his neighbor almost the entirety of my childhood and the greatest part of my adult life. He is a talented actor and even a greater friend. I remember watching that play back in 1997 and it had a deep message. I appreciated it then and still do now. Josh done an exceptional job as Chris. Very proud to be a friend of his.

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