Youth Empower Recommends Play

Youth Empower whose Mission is Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and positive societal change within youth through the use of social media has written a very kind review of May I Have Your Attention, Please? Check out their website for ways to get involved for youth and Adults. Thank you for supporting #Theatre4ChangeIMG_1046[1]

Suicide is a growing issue today with the increased use of social media applications like Saharah. Youth Empower does not tolerate bullying and we will stand by bullying victims and those who have been affected by a suicide.

“May I Have Your Attention, Please?” is an outstanding and powerful play which educates the audience about how subtle suicide can be and how aware you must be to properly address it. We highly recommend this play as it raises awareness for an issue that has been going on for decades in a powerful and meaningful manner. Please take a moment to share this link with others and if you are a fine arts student, propose this play to your teacher.

It is vital that we create dialogue for this issue and this play does just that.


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