New Play To Have Reading in March 2019

Unstoppable By Design will have its first reading in March 2019. It is the latest work by Catherine Rhoden-Goguen and chronicles the life of Matt Rifenburg who Goguen describes as having, “the most fascinating story. I knew from the moment I first learned of him that this was my next project.”

So as not to reveal too much of the plot, Goguen would only say that, “It is a feel good, motivational piece and while most of us are asking, What’s next?  in our own lives, you will leave convinced that he is unstoppable.”

My hope is that those who see the play leave with a sense of determination to execute or take action. So many times in this play you will see that Matt Rifenburg could have more easily given up but the title tells you his choice and the play will tell you the rest. I am so proud of this play and you will leave having cried, felt anger, laughed and more importantly self examined. I am very honored to have been given the chance to tell this story. It has forever changed me and I know it will have that impact on all who see it.

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