Unstoppable By Design, Advocate part 2

A retired Knox County teacher and current Playwright, Catherine Rhoden-Goguen, will soon reveal her newest play called “Unstoppable by Design” on Sunday, March 17.

“Unstoppable by Design” highlights the life of Matt Rifenburg, who endures throughout a journey of life’s obstacles in pursuit to achieve success, despite the possibility of failure.

“Will his drive and perseverance be enough, or was his fate sealed with the first blow?”, as quoted from Rhoden-Goguen’s website.

“Unstoppable by Design” is not the only play she has written. Her first, “May I Have Your Attention, Please?” won the Critic’s Choice Award for the Wisconsin State One Act PlayFestival.

She even had the opportunity to discuss the writing process and inspiration for “Unstoppable by Design” on the podcast called: Strength to Be Human by Mark Antony Rossi.

“I want to write plays that engage the audience in thinking, questioning,” Rhoden-Goguen said, “And then with those results, I want them to go a step further and have my plays be a catalyst for action…even if that is just beginning a discussion about a difficult to talk about subject.”

Her plays have been performed at colleges, community theaters and on high school stages. She will continue to share her passion of drama with many others at Clark County Library in Winchester, Kentucky on St. Patrick’s Day.


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